Transfer pricing


While making use of the national and international experiences, the attorneys and advisers from the fiscal law team offer their assistance in producing and the daily keeping of the documentation of transactions with affiliated entities.

What services do we offer in scope of transfer pricing?

  • we assess the degree of connections between individual companies in order to identify affiliated companies;
  • we identify transactions which qualify for being included in the tax records,
  • we prepare, implement and revise the transfer pricing policy and the documentation of transactions;
  • we analyse the flow of goods, services and capital between affiliated entities, along with the guidelines with respect to changes in the transfer pricing documentation and the applied transfer pricing policy;
  • we conduct market relevance analyses – we evaluate the concluded contracts based on market data and we compare it with the entrepreneur’s appraisals in order to determine the market relevance of the conducted transactions;
  • we carry out inspections of settlements between affiliated Polish and foreign companies with regard to the applicable provisions in scope of Transfer Pricing;
  • we produce the documentation required with respect to transfer pricing or we verify the following documentation kept by the company: transfer pricing policy, transfer pricing documentation;
  • in case of a fiscal or tax control of the correctness of the produced documentation, we represent entrepreneurs before authorities and administrative courts.