Co-operation with organisations for businessmen

In order to advise our Customers in their undertakings in a competent way we have to be close to their practical activities and problems – this is facilitated by the active participation in the lives of chambers and businessmen associations which operate on the territory of Poland and abroad.

Currently, the Lower Silesian Chamber of Commerce (LSCC) is the oldest and the biggest organisation of a business self-government DIG in Lower Silesia. BSO Law & Taxes substantially supports in a systematic way the activities of the Chamber through organising numerous trainings and seminars, as well as via co-operation with respect to the completion of projects that aim at the development and promotion of the region. In the year 2007 the Law Office was the co-organiser of, among others, the Italian Days in Wrocław.

The Polish-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (PGCIC) is the biggest bilateral Chamber in Poland, and it is also one of the most influential German Foreign Chambers of Industry and Commerce in the world . In co-operation with the PGCIC we organise seminars for businessman, and we also actively participate in the life of the Chamber.

Deutsch-Polnischen Juristen-Vereinigung DPJV (German-Polish Lawyers Association). Its aim is to make available the current information concerning the Polish and German law, it facilitates establishing contacts between lawyers from Poland and Germany, as well as it provides access to important personages in both countries. Membership in the DPJV provides us with the access to specialists as well as to vast knowledge necessary in order to properly carry out transborder projects.